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Colorado Krav Maga Regional Training Center

Colorado Krav Maga Regional Training Center

Northern Colorado Krav Maga, LLC is the Parent LLC of the Broomfield Krav Maga and Boulder Krav Maga and Premier Martial Arts Training Centers. Both NCKM, LLC and Boulder Krav Maga, LLC are owned by a small group of investors.

James and Shannon began Teaching Krav Maga in 1997 in Fort Collins. After leaving there they established in Broomfield in 2002 by buying a small school that was already in operation with 12 students. The facility was located in about 1500 sq feet in the K-mart plaza in Broomfield. Within a year they had outgrown the space and began looking for better accommodations in preparation for the lease to run out. In the mean time, on opportunity arose to start teaching Krav Maga Classes in the Jewish Community Center in Boulder. They began teaching classes 2 nights a week there. That program quickly gained enough popularity to open the current Boulder Training Center at 2750 Glenwood drive in March of 2005.

Soon thereafter, they relocated their Broomfield Training Center to it’s current location at 6821 w. 120th ave by taking up 2 retail spaces and combining them for a 2-training floor facility totaling about 3000 sq/ft. Some of the original 12 members of the Broomfield Training Center still train there today. The Broomfield Training was soon designated by Krav Maga Worldwide as a Worldwide Regional Training Center since it was the only center of it’s kind in the USA that housed a Krav Maga Advisory Board Member (James), a KMW Merchandising Committee member (Shannon) and was fully allocated the ability to conduct Instructor Certifications in both civilian and Law Enforcement at it’s facility. Recently, James and Shannon took over another adjacent space and added yet another training floor making the center about 3900 sq/ft featuring a fully operational CrossFit Training Room. The Broomfield Krav Maga Worldwide Regional Training Center is TRULY the only one of it’s kind and stands light years above and beyond any Self Defense or Martial Arts facility in Colorado in terms of it’s amenities, cleanliness, and professionalism.

In March of 2008, James and Shannon opened yet another facility, Denver Krav Maga, on Larimer st. in Downtown Denver. Just a few blocks from Coors Field and the booming Lodo district, they took an old stand alone building that had recently had it’s street face re-done, and gutted the inside. James and Shannon The result is a 2500 sq foot open training center with 3 bathrooms, a shower, changing areas, high open wood-beam ceilings, and and a huge back lot for outdoor training.

In February of 2005, James and Shannon decided to adopt the new program called Premier Martial Arts. This program was adopted for a kids program since the Krav Maga program here is for ages 13 yrs old and up only. Premier Martial Arts offered the opportunity to get kids some good self defense and awareness skills, and also allow them to enjoy the competition forms (kata), traditional weapons, kickboxing skills, and all the discipline and respect involved in the Traditional Martial Arts. Since then, both Krav Maga Training Centers offer 2 completely separate programs, Krav Maga and Premier Martial Arts.

There are currently over 55 CLASSES A WEEK for members to choose from making the Broomfield, Denver and Boulder Krav Maga and Premier Martial Arts Training Centers to best option in Martial Arts, Self Defense, Fitness, and Fighting anywhere in Colorado.



…the real deal….
As a retired decorated police officer and close quarters combat instructor with over 20 years of experience I can honestly say James is the real deal. On the street I have faced murderers, rapists, violent felons, mentally unstable individuals and just about every other type of threat you can imagine. I have had multiple attackers at once attempt to jump and disarm me and I have had several individuals try to stab me. I know what real violence looks like and I know when an instructor is or is not qualified to teach how to defend against it. I would absolutely recommend that anyone in James's  Colorado  area look into training with him. Mike Austin owner of Never Surrender Self Defense AWSDA Board Member
Wish I could stay and train longer…
I was in Colorado visiting and stopped by your Denver gym for a Crossfit class, a Kickboxing class and a grappling class. I loved it. Great instructors, very clean facility, and nice and hard working people to train with. Wish I could stay and train longer with you guys....Chris Kennedy
James, thanks so much for the truly adrenaline-pumping session you provided at our annual American Women's Self Defense Symposium! The feedback was amazing and if I could sum it all up in one word it would be "WOW!" - Jacqueline