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MMA – BJJ – Kickboxing

MMA - BJJ - Kickboxing

MMA – BJJ – Kickboxing

The Ultimate Fighting Championships, Pride, K-1, and other No-Holds Barred events have made Mixed Martial Arts a mainstream sport! Wether you are looking to make a name for yourself in the local tournaments and work your way up the ranks, or you just want to be the best all-around self defense and fighting expert you can be, we have classes that fit just right for you.

We believe in offering THE best, cutting edge self defense, fitness, and fighting programs anywhere. To that end, we offer separate classes for fighting, and within that we break it down into skill sets and ability levels. There are over half a dozen MMA type classes to choose from ranging from BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), Krav Maga street fighting, and an easy way to get started, a Beginners Kickboxing Concepts class.

We train hard, but we train safe. There are fewer instances of injury of ANY kind in our fighting classes than most martial arts studios have doing FORMS! Why? For one, our instructors are all certified experts at fight training, sports conditioning, and excersice physiology so the classes are structured to help keep the body fit and strong as well as flexible and reactive during training. Also, our students are some of the most respectful and helpful bunch of people you’ll ever train with! If that describes you, you’re perfect for our programs!